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Sakura Season in Japan begins...
At risk of sounding completely ignorant of what is going on in the world, in my father's home country specifically, I would like to congratulate Japan for finding time to see (and even celebrate) beauty despite such devastation that had struck their land and their people.

I'm sure a lot of critics from all over the world: media, concerned citizens, families and sadly, spectators, find it wrong that Japan is unsurprisingly tight-lipped about what's really going on. I too believe that the world deserves to know the gravity of the problem that arose from the recent Tsunami and Radiation leak that has been reported to be getting worse day by day not only because the earlier the world gathers as much information, the earlier the world can help, but also because on a very personal level, I can only imagine how devastating it is for people, families especially, to live in the dark not knowing if their loved ones are alright.

Of many things, the feeling of helplessness is extremely a source of heavy distraught.

Naturally, right after such natural calamities such as the tsunami, campaigns on environmental awareness become more rampant.

One hour for future generation's sake, I think that's a huge bargain.

Above is a photo I grabbed online depicting the Earth Hour phenomenon. For areas with high levels of light pollution, the Earth Hour is a feast for stargazers. (Imagine, Singapore)

Just few days ago, Earth Hour was celebrated worldwide once more and it is quite fortunate that a lot of establishments, not just households, participated here in the Philippines. Many criticize this as just a marketing bandwagon, and maybe for some it is, but to me, bandwagon or not, the important thing is there is an increased active participation from both government and non-government sectors in supporting such examples of environmental awareness campaigns.

The end justifies the means, isn't that an applicable thought?

But of course, I do not eliminate the possibility that there are a huge lot of you (of us) who take promoting and advancing environmental concerns as a sincere advocacy. If you are one of the lot, thank you for fighting for the environment. If you're not, I do invite you to join us.

To join us, here are five easy tips for you to start living the "green lifestyle" 


1. Start using Natural and Organic products.

(Why stop there? Do more by starting a part-time or full-time business promoting Natural and Organic products? Check out what I have done, so far!)

Supporting Natural and Organic products care not just for the environment but also for the creatures that live in it (you included!)

It is not a secret that especially in the beauty industry, a lot of the products sold in the market are tested on animals; thus resort to cruelty and abuse. When God created the world and made man stewards of His creation, I believe it is nowhere in the testament that the idea of being "stewards of God's creation" implicated the inclusion of such an abuse of power. Animals have rights too and among their rights is their right to live a free and happy life.

I don't think that for the sake of your skin's purity, animals should suffer. Just the same, I don't think that for the sake of your hair's luster, animals should allow their habitats to be degraded, insistently.

Just recently, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an international organization promoting animal rights, just awarded one of the Philippines homegrown brand of natural and organic products their award of "cruelty-free" mark. Human Heart Nature, a line of Philippine made natural and organic hair, body, skin care and cosmetic products which is supported by yours truly, is proud to be a recipient of an internationally recognized mark of true value towards life and nature.

So go green... and be beautiful! :)

Not only are natural products kinder to animals, natural products are also kinder to the environment as it leaves minimal if not zero carbon footprints that is extremely damaging to the over-all health of our beloved Inang Kalikasan.

It is important for you to note that the damge done by using chemical-made products doesn't just end in the manufacturing side of it. Using products that has chemicals also continue its damaging effects after it is used. For example, some chemical-laden soaps and shampoos can damage the soil's health as its chemical contents are absorbed by the soil. Such effects progress to the crippled state of health of plants that depend on the Earth for their life-sustainance.

If Bond girl, Rachel Grant is doing it, you should too! It's fierce and it's for a good cause!

2. Reduce your paper consumption wastage!

I do not dismiss the value in reading the news with an actual newspaper on hand, but can you imagine the amount of paper you do not consume if you take your daily news in e-form?

Imagine, if for 365 days, you do not consume that 20-paged newspaper... how much paper do you save? Although it pains me to say that as I did take Journalism! ah!
Okay, let's change my example...

Imagine, if for 365 days, you do not print out the gazillion-paged research you have saved and downloaded online for that thesis, research paper, or article... how much paper wastage do you avoid?
Ah.. that's better. :)
With my invitation to go green comes my invitation for you to also visit Alter Space! Don't worry, you won't have to cross the boundaries of our atmosphere to accept my invite. All you have to do is have a Facebook account, which I sure do hope you already have by now, and visit the Alter Space application.

An Apple iPad v.2 64gig is up for grabs!
Have fun with the game and get a chance to win wonderful prizes, among of which is an Apple iPad version 2! Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook (visit it here).

It's not all fun and games! If you check the site, you would even score lots of tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions from your appliances, gadgets, and more! Check it out!

3. Be an active eco-E-fluencer!

I believe that there is indeed power in numbers. I don't think the People Power revolution would count as a momentous political event of our country's history if it wasn't supported by thousands of freedom-thinkers brave enough to stand hand-in-hand, face-to-face against armoured cars, military tanks and loaded guns.


(You would need a Google account for this.)

Instead of signing-up to numerous newsletters, you may opt to set-up your own Google Alert instead. This will make sure that you won't be ticked off by SPAM or an overwhelming inbox. :)

I believe that it's best to keep things manageable, than to start grand and fall apart at the height of things.

Strive to cover all the necessary keywords that you think best describes the information you'd like yourself to be provided with. Having your own Google Alert is like setting-up your own newsletter. It is hassle-free and is a great way to remain updated with thousands of newstories from various online trusted sources.

The environmental problems that the world is facing is grave and requires immediate solutions, if we ever plan to succeed in saving the world for future generations to still be able to enjoy.

Modern technology makes it easier to gather information from all over the world regarding advances in environmental projects, events and even laws. There is truth in the saying "Knowledge is power." Take advantage of your digital know-how and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest and the trending movements for the cause! There are a huge amount of eco-ideas out there that can serve as leads to your own environmental project!

Be informed!
Be inspired!
Be inspiring!

If you're a blogger (or if you can adequately command words to convey your heartfelt advocacy), write about your cause! WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! If you're a vlogger, feature your efforts on promoting the green lifestyle on your channel! Tweet your ideas! Make them trend! Make your advocacy available for the rest of the world! E-fluence and find yourself a throng of Earth-loving soldiers fighting for the very same causes that you are sincerely concerned about.

Instead of leaving carbon footprints, leave digital traces on how to improve our environment's current state. :)

4. Speaking of habit... practice a mantra: "Save! Save! Save!"

Whenever you can, in whatever little way, try to save something. I'm sure you also go through a phase where you would like to save the world, and that's cool, that's great, but if you really want to save the world, save it where you can. Don't wait for a certain ideal opportunity. Seize what is close to you, and save it from there!

Think Mulan.

Sometimes, what's stopping us from doing something awesome is our fear of ridicule or isolation. That's cool. That's normal. 

But try to break free from it!

Afraid of sleeping in the dark? Conquer that! Turning off your lights when you sleep is the easiest way of going beyond Earth Hour! For a normally busy schedule, that's at least 4 hours of saved electricity (that'll do your monthly dues well also!) Not to mention, your body will thank you for it because naturally (I learned this in psychology) the body recovers from sleep better when the environment is sleep-propriate (since our bodies are pretty much programmed to recognize day = light, night = dark--yes, even with closed eyes!).

P.S. Put into practice what I'm sure you were taught since grade school: 
-use a glass when brushing your teeth! Don't Never brush your teeth with running water! 
-use a dipper when taking a bath instead of the shower; and minimize use of the toilet flush! Try to use a pail or a dipper in flushing down your sh*t. The toilet flush uses way too much water just to flush down the dirty things. I remember in one of Jim Paeredes' tweets, he shared that in Australia, households normally gather rain water for watering the plants and for toilet "flushing" also! Now there's an idea we can adapt... when it rains!

5. Convert your personal belongings to ads!

It's extremely easy.. Flaunt your cause on your cars! This site has lots of cool and funny bumper stickers... you can buy from them or take inspiration :D Why not, start your own sticker house? (what's up with me, everything spells business to me?! haha)

And if you've got the moneyyyy--convert your car to an eco-friendly vehicle! Be first world!

But if you've got the moneyyy... but not as much hehe 

Discreetly write on your money! DISCREETLY ok or it might become invalid. :) 

Write on your money the link to your website, or write on your money inspiring quotes for the environment! Make your money talk! If money makes the world go round, then it's about time that money should make the world go round, for a cause!

Good luck!


Please like this post to support my cause... and please do leave a comment. What can you do to save the environment?

(50 likes on this post and we'll have lucky commenters winning prizes! 3 winners for every 50!)


  1. In my own little way here is what I do. I use Organic products and I use recyclable bag every time I do my grocery so that I will not need those plastics and I turn off the lights when not needed even if not for earth hour, I also gave recyclable bags to friends and family and remind them to use those when they do their grocery or even in markets

  2. Here are some little ways to save our Mother Earth:

    1. Recycle plastic bags. You can use plastic bags as trash bins.
    2. Turn off the lights and unplug all eletrical appliances at home when you leave.
    3. Avoid using straw.
    4. Don't waste paper. Recycle used papers or sell them.

  3. "I am proud to say that I am a eco-parent! A parent who commits in allowing and encouraging my kids to play outside and enjoy nature. My goal is to take my children outside everyday,for them to learn what nature is,its importance and how to value it."

  4. Wow! I love the third tip about becoming an Eco E-fluencer~ I'll definitely try to spread awareness online! In real life, we have this family thing about proper waste disposal. We also do not encourage our neighbors to burn dried leave and such. Being mindful of our electricity and water usage, we turn off lights and faucet that aren't needed. I am actually forgetful about this that my parents usually remind me to do so, haha.

    Also, clothes and things that we don't use anymore are annually given to either our neighbors or relatives to help them save money (instead of buying new ones). Btw, this post is absolutely timely! ;)

  5. Hi, I saw that picture of a blossoming cherry blossom tree after the tsunami and it really feels that there is still life and there is still time to make up it only means that there is still hope for all of us. Congratulations on your blog, I love reading your posts and I'll be including this on my blogroll as well :) have a good day - Mommy Nina from BC Magazine

  6. Your tips are very useful! Thanks for sharing. I'll try to come up with new ideas on how to protect our environment as well :)

  7. Hmm, you gave me ideas here. Well, in our house we always reminded to save, save electricity, save water, well to save money of course, we all know how hard to save money when we always have a high monthly bills. We use energy efficient lightbulbs at home and try to save water in simple ways. We have a farm in our backyard and the water that we save from doing laundry and cleaning dish, we shower it in our plants. Now, i'm trying to use natural products and mineral make ups one by one, it's truly hard to change from what you got used to, but well, at least i'm trying. And i also use reusable bags specially when going to market. Now, i'm still trying to know more ways to help save the environment.

  8. Yay for people loving moma nature!

  9. this is amazing! My roomates and I in the dorm also supported earth hour s we didn't turn on our lights for an hour and just had a chill time in our room. <3 My roommate even made an earth hour campaign photo of us on a photo shoot we did last year.

  10. I feel really bad about not being able to join Earth Hour a few days ago because we're so busy revising our thesis; what with the deadline looming dangerously ahead. Moreover, due to the fact that we are doing multiple revisions it thus means that we are printing multiple times using (of course) bond paper. It really pains me to see how the paper that we use for those revisions will likely go to waste. But of course, I try to avoid that from happening, so instead of throwing away the paper, I am saving them (plus piles upon piles of readings I have acquired all throughout my nearly-four years in college) and using them as scratch papers until I find a better way of using them, like in arts and craft. Thanks for a very inspiring post about environmentalism, I think it's highly crucial in influencing people to join in the cause as well. :)

  11. I've always been paranoid that somehow the world's natural resources might not be enough for all of us. So I started thinking green way back when I was still in Elementary. I can remember my Dad's amusement(may he rest in peace)the day I went home from school with my mongo seed project where beansprouts eventually emerged. I was insisting that he plant it on soil so we can grow a tree at our backyard. He explained to me that beansprouts go straight to the dinner plate and doesn't turn into trees. Imagine my disappointment then.:)

  12. Yup, I strongly agree with you. I rely my work to mother nature. As a travel agent, we should take care of our environment and protect it from harmful ways. We cant stop pollution but we can minimized it. Let us help our planet and restore our environment's beauty for it will be the only one that will make us alive.

  13. I know I'm but a small part of the world, but I hope that whenever I don't use plastic, somehow i'm slowing down Earth's destruction. As much as possible, I don't use and ask for plastic, especially when buying something. Also, saving water and electricity. I can't imagine living in a world without water and electricity, so I make a conscious effort of saving water and electricity anyway I can. Also, we try to educate the kids at home to do the same. I think instilling these values in our kids will be a great help not only to us, but to their generation as well.

  14. I love Trader Joe's because they have a lot of natural, organic and eco-friendly items. I own 2 canvas bags that I use whenever I go grocery shopping. When I forget to bring the bag, I would ask for paper bags instead of plastic bags. It's a little tricky to carry but hey, it's a form of exercise haha. I'm also using recycled notebooks right now. When I do need to print out materials for review, I normally set up multiple pages per sheet so then I get to save paper. And I think I'm the only one in this house who bothers to turn of the television at night, and my computer too. :)

  15. Love your Top 5 Kumi!
    For #1 - HHN iPatronize :)
    For #2 - no iPad for me so email and scratch paper recycling
    For #3 - does the word-of-mouth route count?
    For #4 - the little things at home we all can do little by little :)
    For #5 - will check that site out, love the "my other car.."

  16. Little act matters specially when it comes to saving mother nature. If only Filipino keep their wastes into a proper places we could save the environment until the next generation, still I'm not losing hope that sooner they will apply it but I hope that's not to late to realize that..saving the nature means saving our lives too.

  17. for me, thinking of the money i'll be able to save helps. instead of paying fare or getting a gym membership, i'd rather walk. that is if i'm not pressed for time and the weather is tolerable (coming from a flood-prone street, i have a high tolerance). i unplug appliance not in use. my mom's a very green person without her knowing it. And it has a lot to do with her being masinop. she composts, plants and recycles. she hates wastage.

  18. I love this post, Kumi! Let's not forget the most important green habit of all: Spread the word and enlist others to take part in becoming more environmentally conscious. Let's save the Earth!

  19. "Instead of leaving carbon footprints, leave digital traces on how to improve our environment's current state." - this is nice
    Let's save our mother earth indeed!

  20. kumi, I'm happy to be the lucky one to comment on this post. :) Yey! I won again! hehe ;)

  21. I agree that we should take care of our environment and protect it from destructive greenhouse gasses. I agree can’t stop pollution but we can reduce it by a huge amount. Glasgow Plumbing


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