Total Eclipse of the Heart

(late uploaded blog, sorry)

Tonight is the Winter Solstice. I dare not speak of it as I know someone who just studied this type of physics, and I frankly didn't absorb much from my Physics class in college--well I did spend most of my time skipping classes or writing love letters on the occasions I would show up to class. Anyway, I'm starting to go far-off. Tonight is the Winter Solstice. For some it is a night to reckon with as in other parts of the world, the longest bestest lunar eclipse just happened. Well, I cringe at the sheer mention of the word eclipse as it reminds me of a "saga" I am ashamed I have complete hardbound copies of. (In my defense, they aren't mine. They're my sister's. But I did read them all, and gushed like a highschool girl myself. But like many other people, found it too... well, I can't think of a better word than pointless)

So is this the effect of THE Winter Solstice, on me? I just.. become?

Took this photo few days back. It's from our office' display. Porcelain doll ornament.s Freaky or Pretty?

Before taking the dinner I said I will not have, I biked. Alone. Not much of a feat as I just went in circles around the subdivision where I live in, but considering how... enclosed I have been living lately, I feel like the effort to even just go out, for no other reason than to feel the cold Christmas breeze, is a lot already.

So I rode the bike, and found myself singing "Just the Way You Are". I kept on giggling every now and then because I really don't know the song; I just keep on singing somefew words before/after the song's title. Meaning, similar to my "enclosed" life, my knowledge of my biking song was limited to the song's title only. Funny, how life plays with you, right?

It felt so nice. You know, to just be out. To feel free, in a way. It felt so... yeah, that's the only word that fits. Nice.

Christmas Lights, a-blinking, a-dancin'
More dogs
Kids who look like streetchildren, "caroling"
Parked cars
Cool cars
Old cars
Couples sitting on sidewalks
Guys playing cards at the covered court (hey boys, what happened to playing basketball?)
Clear wide streets
Karaoke along the street
More dogs
A goat (how province!)
Christmas Trees
People walking
Friends hanging out
The biggest full moon I've seen--not the most beautiful, but the biggest-haunting-chasingyouasyouridethebike type
More dogs
Tonight is the Winter Solstice and as I rode my bike and show-off my new gross scarred leg (to those who want to know what happened, my pet dog jumped on me and scratched my leg BIG TIME)... I realized how wonderful it is to live and have things to look forward to, especially after wrong scary turns.

Ignite for yourself.


To those who weren't able to witness the Total Lunar Eclipse Dec.21, 2010, here's a great video I found on YouTube. Enjoy. It's so magical.