Santa's Christmas Bazaar @ La Vista (year 5)

Previous blog sponsor just shared with me great news! I'm inviting you to join this. On December 11-12, Bare Beauty will be giving away freebies (leather cuffs, clothes and mineral make-up!) to all of you, my lovely readers, who would drop by the Santa's Christmas Bazaar @ La Vista. No need to purchase anything! All you have to do is post about the bazaar happening on Dec. 11-12 and email

Full Name:
Email Address:
Mobile Number:

PLEASE type in Santa's Gift Corner as subject.

First 200 persons who will send in the following details will instantly get freebies!!! Check out Eventions Inc. for more information about the bazaar, and to see the freebies up for grabs! Everything posted there will be completely free!!!

Note that you will receive a text by Dec. 10 which you will later show the sales lady at Santa's Gift Corner booth for you to claim your free gifts! So easy right? Go ahead and join!

Merry Christmas to all!


Bazaar details:

Santa's Christmas Bazaar @ La Vista (year 5)
9:00 am to 7:00 pm
La Vista Clubhouse and Basketball Court
Over 150 vendors!!!

Good luck! Enjoy shopping! Enjoy the free gifts! And love love love mineral make-up from Bare Beauty Online. :)


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