Photoshop Disasters!

You'll be surprised by the number of ridiculously photoshopped pictures out there in the market--and I'm not talking about simply fake-looking people. I mean ridiculous! Yesterday, I spent hours and hours scrolling down this site (I forgot what but if you enlarge the photos I embedded here, you'd see the website's watermark. Please visit it! So fun!)

Here's to being imperfect and to not needing perfection!

The model was sooo fine enough in her real form. I don't understand why she had to be edited to major slenderness.

I just love this!!!

It took me a while to see what's wrong in this photo. Challenge yourself to find it!

Can't put your finger on it?


:) Bet she get things done fast!

Shame on you Vogue. I mean, Ms. Paltrow? Really?

Even Ms. Biel didn't escape the harsh effects of PSD.

Don't let this picture's flaw escape you.

THIS IS CRAZY. I couldn't calm down after this.

Same as this! Sooo weird!

Why do people remove belly buttons???

Well there you have it: a disabled plane.

I think Rihanna has a super sexy voluptuous body. Elle ruined it. She doesn't even look healthy in her cover. TSK.

Even Katy Perry had to suffer! I love her lingerie though. teehee So innocent.

Saved the best for last! haha! This is my ultimate favorite among the photoshop disasters I saw!
Happy Sunday!



  1. LMAO! this is totally disasters!!! this is great post!!! =)

  2. hahaha!
    that shiseido poster is really disastrous!


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