LOTD #2 There's a new KID in town!

You and I, we'd be young forever! (music)
Aah yes, childhood. If I am on Twitter right now I would be saying something like: RT if you agree. Christmas is for the children.:)

Just recently, I tried Allue. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the brand but just so you'd know, Allue is Home of Beauty exClusives (HBC)'s homegrown make-up line for tweens! I know, I'm too old to be a tween right? Plus this LOTD was pegged to be done on an actual tween BUT to my surprise, Allue had some pretty interesting make-up finds to offer!

Looking at the picture above, did you notice how pretty my lip shade is? That's Allue's Lip Performance Crayon in 01 shade. Frankly, I didn't expect much from the "crayon" because I know it's for the younger demographic. I pictured it as simply "practice tools" for emerging kikay kids; however, my my my when I tried it on, the kid in me let out a happy shriek! Check out my swatch below:

The shade is perfect if you want to achieve subdued pink lips!
 Allue pegs itself as the first make-up a girl would have (since it's for the tween market). Because of this, the formulation, shades and even the packaging is different. Of course it is gentler make-up, and the shades are more playful and bright, but one thing that fell a little bit short compared to professional make-ups is Allue's packaging. Nothing fancy in the way the make-up is packed. For some, like me, this is a bit of a downer because my kikay kit is so big, make-up caps that doesn't stay on end up making a mess; however, this is of course a case-to-case basis.

I would recommend Allue to moms who would like to give their little baby Barbies something to play with, especially if them little Barbies keep on using your own make-up (which may harm their delicate skin!).

I would recommend Allue also to people who would like to start learning how to apply make-up. It's a great line to practice with because Allue is outrageously affordable.

Lip Performance Crayon in shade 01 is at least one of the Allue items you should try! It's pretty fun to use: pretty and fun!

When using subdued color on the lips and medium-to-light colors or shimmers on the eyes, make your cheeks pop with color. Use a shade that belongs to the same color family as your lipstick or lip gloss (in this case... lip crayon!). Smile and apply gentle strokes of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Stay on the apples of your cheeks and resist the urge to contour your face! Skip contouring and just sport a youthful rosy cheek glow! It can magically make you look 2x younger, not to mention it's a fresh look perfect for a fun day with friends!

For this look I'm also using Allue's delicious Pink Delish blush duo palette. It's a pink and peach blush combination palette.

Let me take this opportunity to state my life motto :p
Don't forget to be a child.



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HBC HAS AN ONGOING CONTEST! I have stubs to drop off at the HBC store near the office. I bought so much so I ended up with so much raffle stubs. Hope I win the car! A car is still a car, even if I don't know how to drive! haha


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