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The first time I had my legs waxed was a comic experience. I saw the paper where my hair stuck to, since the salon I went to used hot wax. I saw the hair that once were on my precious legs. "Am I a monkey?" I joked, meaning my question halfway of course.

Now that it started to get cold, my mind is debating with my hold on logic again. I believe in the process of evolution and I'm sure that animals, humans included, adapt to their environment to survive--hence dorsal fins, hence thick fur. Now that it started to get colder, I can't help but wonder, am I going to have to deal with unwanted hair problems, further?

Unwanted hair is of course a matter of preference. Some people like "balbon" while some prefer smooth hair-free arms, etc. As for myself, as long as I am not mistaken to be a man, I'm good, normally at least. But for special occasions of course I prefer some management done such us plucking for my eyebrows and shaving for my underarms. Waxing, I find tedious to do. I don't have much time to spare and I am not very open to spending so much just to be hair-free. Fortunately I have friends who started talking about Lay Bare Waxing Salon. It is to me a merger of all sugar, spice and all things nice, literally as the salon uses cold wax made of sugar, honey and calamansi. It didn't take a lot for me to give in to the curiosity. Next thing I knew, I was on my way to the nearest Lay Bare from my home.

Woman to woman, of all unwanted hair, I think down there tops the list, right? As much as it is sexy to see a hint of shadow down under, it gets irritating. You can't wear your sexy lingerie with too much of it, keep a forest and you'd end up with a funky smell and it gets in the way with... some-some. ;p so I thought, if I were to prove that unwanted hair removal should be an all-year round affair, then I should get rid of what the world can't see--get rid of completely (front, sides, yes, even back).

I dared to be bare down there. If this is the closest thing I can get to Brazil, then I am going every 4-6 weeks. Brazilian waxing is so fun to do, challenging, yes, but so fun to undergo. When I went to Lay Bare to try it out and be among their numbers (see their website to know what I'm talking about), I left without regret. Waxing is not painful in a screaming kind of way. I have to be honest, the treatment did surprise me, but both good and badly.

It's my first time to get a Brazilian and I must say it is something I can tolerate more than an IPL (laser hair removal). When I tried a Bikini Laser Hair Removal procedure, don't laugh, but I passed out... on the bed. It's funny every time I recall what happened but when I was there in the moment, it really hurt. Fortunately, with the waxing procedure I tried, it was the kind of pain that was manageable. In fact, as distraction, I played GlobalBlox on my phone as I was stripped. Funny cause I had to endure a lot of game overs (haha!) but at least I didn't pass out--no it wasn't THAT kind of pain.

To make it easier for you to comprehend, here are few things I'd like to share about my experience--and why you should go dare to be bare too!

  1. Don't be shy--it's private. Each private cubicle makes the whole experience less embarrassing, for the the less feisty ones. Of course there's nothing more humiliating than to walk around naked, even if with a robe. I like how professional and systematic my experience at Lay Bare was, especially because I was there to have something very personal touched. When I came in, the receptionist took me in, left me to undress, and returned to do the waxing without any unnecessary chit-chat--and most certainly no inappropriate joking.
  2. All natural to Au Naturale. Lay Bare uses cold wax made of honey, sugar and calamansi. I asked Ms. Fiona, one of the founders of Lay Bare regarding their "secret ingredient" and she assured me that other than the naturally derived wax being compatible with the most sensitive of skin types, their salons also uses wax in good condition as salons receive weekly deliveries for the cold wax that they would use for operation. I really needed to know about the "freshness" of their wax since I knew it was made of natural ingredients--meaning no preservatives. As I was at Lay Bare for a wax on my genitals, I wasn't really open to any possibility of irritation. Luckily, no irritations happened and I think most credit goes to the wax that they use.
  3. Affordable treatments anywhere in the body, for both men and women. What I love about Lay Bare is that it's dirt cheap compared to other specialty waxing salons, and don't mistake this for the lack of quality in the service that they provide. My attendant was efficient and caring, it surprised me. She was sensitive with my pain tolerance, she took notice whenever I cringe and slowed down the pace when I get hurt, I won't be surprised if she was also paying attention to the way I curl my toes when I'm shocked by her sudden pull. I thought waxing would demand a lot of my budget but as you can see in the photo above this list, their services are not ridiculously priced. In fact, for a salon to specialize and offer just waxing, their prices fare really good. I would definitely be back. Give Lay Bare a try, I'm sure you will be too!
  4. Smooth finish. You might find this queer, but when I left the salon after the treatment I was singing in my head Matchbox 20's song, you know, "Smooth". Why shan't I? I was and am now quite a Maria. I don't know about you, but being smooth there is quite a reason to smile about. It's a nice little secret (so much for a secret for me though because I blogged about it) and it's a procedure that doesn't feel like it's just done out of luxury. I think women should go and get a wax every now and then if not regularly. Not only does waxing lead to thinner and sparser hair growth, it is actually really comfortable. What is suggested for those who are afraid, try waxing one step at a time. Go for an underarm wax, then proceed to the bigger areas like arms and legs before you go to the private areas like the bikini line. Once you're ready, go all the way. Make sure it's not three days before or after your period ladies, as the skin there is more sensitive during those days. 
It was raining the day of my visit so I didn't get to do a leg wax for a before and after picture--the areas waxed should be kept dry for at least four hours as the pores are open and are vulnerable to bacterial irritation, however I'm sure I'll be back to Lay Bare for more.

Have you tried the sexy Brazilian wax, or are you going to? Tell me about it!



  1. thank you so much, its beautiful=)

  2. I went there last weekend. Megamall only for eyebrow threading though. I'm not yet brave enough lol. But maybe one day this year he he.


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