How SUPER are you?

Last week I had the chance to be part of the ZOOM Treetop adventure launch at Circulo Verde. It was something I looked forward to because of the whole "Superman and Silver Surfer" theme. As seen on the photos below (taken by new blogger friend Dante Ward, hello my man!), the Superman ride mimics how Superman flies while the Silver Surfer ride, well as the name suggests.

It was such an exciting trip especially because I'm one of the few who when given the chance to wish for a "superpower" would like the ability to fly. With the ZOOM zip-line adventure made available within the metro, minutes away from Eastwood City, making the dream a reality is as easy as counting one-two-three.

Funny because in the photo above it looks like me and my friend are just having one of those very ordinary bonding session, but clearly, how ordinary is chicahan done 100 ft above the ground?!

Another challenging yet must-try ride you can try is the Silver-Surfer. You have a choice of experiencing the Verde Weekends in day or night-time as they are open until late in the evening! You can hold events and ZOOM parties at Circulo Verde too!


In my effort to share with you happy things, I would be raffling off Gift Certificates to the Silver Surfer ride (I think I can give four, I'll double check). This is also to celebrate my blog's new home on the net! Notice the sweet address I acquired for my pretty little space:

To join, all you have to do is be a follower of my page through Google Connect (see my sidebar) and blog about this contest with an answer to this question: What makes you Super happy? Link back to THIS blog and comment with the link to your blog post. Include your name and email address so I may reach you in case you win. (5 entries)

Want more chances of winning?
1.) Use either of the photos and get 2 more entries. Use both and get 4.
2.) Follow me on twitter and tweet a link to this contest, get 3 entries per tweet. (Don't forget to @kumikomae your tweet)
3.) Join my Facebook Page and post a picture of something sweet (desserts or "aww" pictures/links) to get 4 more entries per wallpost.
4.) Include a breakdown of your entries (links to tweets/wallpost/blogposts should be included) and get a reward of 5 more entry-points.

AGAIN, I want you all to have fun so be as creative as you could be. If you win and you gave a creative answer, I'll include a Superman GC for you to enjoy! :)

To infinity... oops iba pala yun! Hope you enjoy joining my contest. Pls leave me some ad-ki$$es. :D


You can send me emails too if you wish to be friends. Just email me here. This contest is up until July 31. The winner will be announced on Aug 1.


  1. Hi Kumi,

    sorry didn't got the chance to say goodbye, but really nice meeting you.

    Will be an avid reader from now on.

  2. i also saw this featured on tv. cant try this as i am sort of afraid of heights but it gives joy to my friends (esp those super stressed) who are looking for new things to try out.

    love your blog!


  3. Hi Iya,

    I encourage you to join. :) You'd be trying out the rides with friends so I'm sure the fear would be manageable. Face the fear and who knows, you might find out how much you're not so afraid pala. :)

    Thank you so much for the visit :)


  4. Hey saw that on tv too
    just too far from where I am
    Nice shots,
    hey I like your twitter photo better than the one you got on here.

  5. Good day, here's my official entry:

    1. My blog post:
    2. Followed you via Google Connect: MinnieRunner
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    Best Regards,

  6. it tweet your blog in my acct..

  7. followed you on twitter and twitted about your blog
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    Name: Ma. Bernadette Villarin
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  8. Jam Malicdem

    Google follower


    posted picture on your fb! :D

    5 + 4 + 3 + 5 = 17 ;)

  9. Already following through Google Friend Connect. My blog at Used both photos! :)
    Already following on Twitter and tweeted at
    Liked your Facebook page and posted a picture :)

    Mau Miravite

  10. Hi Kumi, I'm joining =)

    Blog Follower: Ladymishel

    Blog Post:

    Michelle Ame

  11. twitter follower: michelleame


    already joined your facebook page

    shared about this giveaway:!/michelle.ame?v=wall&story_fbid=137387652946261

    FB name: michelle oraƱa-ame

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  14. Hi, here's my entry!

    2. Used 2 pics from your blog.
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    My FB name is Mariz Ordaz
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  15. i love kumiko, she's pretty and brainy!!/note.php?note_id=437766753199

    name: don eleazar balboa / 0915.3440998
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  16. hello , done with my blog post with both of your pictures included on my post:

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  17. the contest is up until when?

  18. Hi!
    The contest is up until end of July.


  19. Here are my contest entries -

    Made a blog post at (+5 entries)

    Used the 2 photos (+4)

    Twitter follower and made a RT (+3)

    Blog follower of your blog

    I'm a Facebook fan (emiliana sison) and I posted this giveaway on my FB wall (+4)

    breakdown of entries (+5)

    emiliana.sison AT

  20. yayks, sayang I'm from Davao... No Manila schedule yet...

    BTW, I’m having a Link Exchange Project, I’m inviting you to join, please visit Petty Things in Life and click the badge to join. Thank You and hope to see you.

  21. hi nku sna nawaln na ako ng confident ngumiti because my teeth yellow sna ako ang mging wnner at pra mdalng nku mkipg usap kz ang mga ngipin nila bongga maputi


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