WHY FOLLOW THESE LOVELY LADIES? They talk about declaring love like a kid bakes cupcakes.

HOW WEIRD. I UPLOADED A FOLLOW FRIDAY ON A THURSDAY. So much for losing track of time--or excited much? haha

I am one of the few young ones of this generation whom you'd hear this line from: "I'm not the marrying type."

Which is why this week's FRIendly FRIday is a surprise, but not a treat any less. Here comes the blog, We Heart Weddings, a delightful wedding blog is so nice it makes the non-believers cry. (a line alluded from Sex and the City the movie 1)

Their most recent wedding story got me sold. Please read it here.

You know what, I think there's no such thing as cheapness in love. Love, is simply, love. Like Madonna, it doesn't have a surname. Like Lady Gaga, you just can't find the right word to describe it. :)


Any delightful love story or blog you wish to recommend for next week's FRIendly FRIday?