Don't forget to be a child.

First of all, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my beloved country! Although I still think you're not as "free" as you're supposed to be, I'm sure the better "democracy" isn't far from reality. Dear new government under (ouch this is painful) President Benigno Aquino III, aka P. Noy (ouch! more painful!!!), please make the wonderful Philippine islands more stable. Our nation is a land of heroes, and I hope more Filipinos and leaders under your government realize the innate potential of our people.

Speaking of heroes, check out the University Athletics Association of the Philippines Season 73 teaser by this year's host centenarian De La Salle University (Animo!! I'm not from La Salle but I love green so Animo!!! buti na lang may green ang UP! Let's go U P!)


Photo by Jack Limpin

When I did my storytelling stint for the Toy Story3 convention I felt, I don't know, a bit refreshed? Children are so precious. If it isn't for children, the world would go haywire. Don't forget to be a child, I always say--and I mean it. Don't forget to be a child.

But be mature, okay?


Tomorrow I will see my Rock and Run contest winners. I am excited, beyond belief! When I started this blog I promised myself, I will not waste other people's time and energy. I promised myself that although internet space is more than enough for the whole world (animals included) to own ten blogs or more each, I will not waste a URL. So far, I hope, I'm staying true to my words.

I still think that life is about making connections. Of course getting to keep these connections a bonus, but personally I think the real important thing to do is to establish ties. Real deep and sincere connections with people that may just be a part of your life in passing, but a part nonetheless.

As always, hajimemashite!


Cheers to making ties... or ribbons? :) Cheers to those who tie knots, if you know what I mean.