Friday, March 10, 2017

Fri-yay OOTD Inspirations

Hello Sunshine! Here goes another fri-yay! I can't wait for the weekend. This week has been soooo emotionally tiring for me, and I just want to give myself a break, cut loose, and let (hopefully awesome) things happen.
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So today, I have a pretty eventful Fri-yay ahead of me. I wore my go-to lucky OOTD for that extra boost of positive vibes. I really love today's look because it's my color palette... and it calms me. I feel like I'm a walking tree! lol

Speaking of OOTD, I'm currently eyeing some party dresses for an upcoming event. I'm looking online for inspiration, and while I'm pretty sold I'd wear my sexy black dress that I got for a previous party, I'm also considering wearing a sexy white dress for this upcoming event... Here's one I like, but it's not really white... but hey, the party said blacks, whites, or nudes! So it's still a go!
sexy nude dress
sexy nude dress

So while at StyleWe, I also stumbled upon their wide selection of royal blue party dresses and rompers for sale. I super love royal blue dresses because late last year, I realized how royal blue suits me, especially in photos!! Here are my top pics from the site.
royal blue party dress
royal blue party dress

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